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E-Grants Contact Information

If you need help with Login IDs, passwords,  or security, contact OPI Security: 444.3448

E-Grants Contact Information

  • Title I, Part A: Improving Basic Programs
  • Title I, Part C: Migrant Education
  • Title I, Part D: Neglected and Delinquent
  • Title I, Part E: Striving Readers Literacy
  • Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality
  • Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality - State Level Activities
  • Title II, Part B: Math, Science Partnerships
  • Title III, Part A: English Language Acquisition
  • Title IV, Part B: 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Title VI, Part B: Rural and Low Income Schools
  • Title X, Part C: McKinney-Vento Homeless


General Information: 444-0751
Fax: 444-0743
Centralized Services Division
1227 11th Ave., Helena, MT 59601, PO Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2501
Division Administrator: Jay Phillips 444-4523
E-Grants Coordinator: Kate Vatter,, 444.7841

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Please contact the OPI Help Desk at or 406.444.0087



Announcements & Deadlines

E-GrantsMany users have reported an inability to log into E-Grants due to incorrect or outdated email addresses on file in the E-Grants system. To review a complete list of district users and contact information as of September 10th, 2015, please review the following document.

To update incorrect contact information:

  1. Download E-Grants Security Users Report – September 2015.
  2. Use Bookmarks, Find function (Ctrl + F), or scroll to district(s) of choice.
  3. Enter any changes into fillable Comment field.
  4. Save document and email attachment to:

Authorized Representatives may also request the removal of users no longer employed by the district at this time. Account information will be updated on a rolling basis and does not affect other OPI programs.

For Questions, Please Contact:
Juli Tenneson, Federal Grant Accountant: 444.3408
Leisa Blanton, Federal Grant Accountant: l 444.4403
Kate Vatter, E-Grants Coordinator: 444.7841

For complete deadline information for all federal and state grants, please see E-Grants Dates & Program Information.


E-Grants is a web-enabled system for K-12 education and supports the grant application process from allocation of funds and application for funding through payment accountability, reporting to the grantor and grant closeout for both state and federal grants. E-Grants is accessible to all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and other subgrantees via the Internet without need for installing any special software or hardware.

 E-Grants Login

Grants Management Calendar

E-Grants Dates & Program Information

Below is a comprehensive list of important dates, deadlines, and reporting procedures for all state and federal grant programs hosted on the E-Grants system. Please note:

  • Not all program reporting is conducted on the E-Grants system; for reports submitted elsewhere, a link has been provided.
  • To contact a program specialist directly regarding a specific grant program, please select the Contact button at the top of your screen. A list of contacts by program will appear. The list is also available HERE.
  • All E-Grants applications require a final financial report: the Final Expenditure Report.

Please review the Payment System User Guide for more information.

Information may be subject to change.

Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications Reporting Procedures Due Date Location of Reporting
21st Century Competitive Feb 17 April 14 Mid-year reporting in Out of School Time Leadership Management System OSTLMS First Monday in Feb Out of School-Time Leadership Management System (OSTLMS)

21st Century Continuing Feb 17 May 30

Same reporting requirements for both Competitive & Continuing applications

Launched Teacher Surveys for 30 plus day students OSTLMS First Monday in May OSTLMS
Year End Report Third Monday of June OSTLMS
Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications Reporting Procedures Due Date Location of Reporting
ABLE Extension May 15 June 15 No program report.
ACT Plus Writing April 7 May 30 No program report.
Carl Perkins May 15 Dec 15 "End-of-Year Report" included in successive FY E-Grant application. Report is due when following FY application is submitted. Application will not be approved until report tabs are completed. E-Grants
Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications Reporting Procedures Due Date Location of Reporting
ESEA Consolidated* May 1 Sept 15

Last day to create an original application.
Applications may be submitted at any time.

See details for individual Title program reports (below). 
Title I Final Program Report-only for districts serving eligible private school students June 30 Districts notified by email/mail
Title II-A Final Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants
Title III Title III English Language Acquisition Report June 30 Key Survey (link emailed to districts by program staff)
Title VI-B Final Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants
Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications Reporting Procedures Due Date Location of Reporting
Gifted & Talented May 1 Sept 30 Final Program Report August 10 E-Grants
Title II-A: SLA May 1   Final Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants
IDEA Consolidated July 1
IDEA B: CSPD Aug 1 Oct 1 Final Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants
IDEA D: RTI Sept 1 Nov 1 Final Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants
Title X: Homeless May 15 Aug 20 No program report.  
Title I-D, Subpart 1: N&D May 1 Sept 30 Final Program Report (CSPR Data) Aug 10 Title I-D
Title I-D, Subpart 2: N&D May 1 Sept 30 Final Program Report (CSPR Data) Aug 10 Title I-D


Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications
CSPD Program Report Aug 1 Nov 10
RTI Program Report Sept 1 Nov 10
Gifted & Talented Program Report May 15
Title II-A: SLA Program Report May 15
Title II-A Program Report May 15 Nov 10
Title VI-B Program Report May 15 Nov 10


Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications
Gifted & Talented Program Report March 1 March 31


Name Application Available Last Day to Submit Original Applications Program Reporting Procedures Due Date Location of Reporting
SIG Tier III August 1 Rolling No program report. Annual evaluation will be completed by Title I staff 
Striving Readers   No program report. External evaluation is conducted by a contractor and turned into the Department of Education.
Math Science Partnership   State Program Report Nov 10 E-Grants




E-Grants Easy TourE-Grants Easy Tour

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) will be hosting free regional E-Grants system application workshops this summer! The E-Grants Easy Tour workshops are an opportunity for district staff responsible for completing all or portions of the E-Grants applications to gather and work on the 2015-2016 grant applications with OPI representatives present to assist. In addition to the E-Grants Coordinator, there will be staff available for questions related to Title I-A Basic, Title I-A Schoolwide, McKinney-Vento Homeless, IDEA Part B and IDEA Preschool. We strongly encourage all superintendents, business managers, and/or federal grant program coordinators to attend!

The E-Grants Easy Tour 2015-2016 Application Workshops have been scheduled for the following dates and locations:

  • July 14th: Belgrade Belgrade High School, 303 North Hoffman Street
  • July 15th: Helena Helena High School, 1300 Billings Avenue
  • July 16th: Kalispell Glacier High School, 375 Wolfpack Way
  • July 21st: Glendive Glendive High School, 900 North Merrill Avenue
  • August 13th: East Helena East Valley Middle School, Room 111, 400 Kalispell Avenue North

Users will notice the list of workshop dates is considerably shorter than those of years past. This is due to limited available staff resources, and as we realize how much users rely on the workshops for support with grant applications, we will be offering considerable online resources (a recorded training, webinar, and ancillary materials). Next year we plan to host workshops in the regions we were not able to reach this year.

Districts should be able to complete most, if not all, of the applications during the workshops. All workshops this year will be held in computer labs; you may bring a personal laptop if desired but please be advised that wireless internet may not be available in all locations.

There is no registration required; please simply attend whichever workshop best fits your schedule!

Additionally, please view the document at this link for a list of the information needed to complete each respective E-Grants application:
Information Required for E-Grants Workshops

If you have questions or concerns regarding the E-Grants Easy Tour, please email or call Kate Vatter at or 406.444.7841.

We hope to see you there!

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Grants Managed

The OPI has the following grants currently available through E-Grants:

  • 21st Century
  • Carl Perkins
  • ESEA / NCLB Consolidated
    • Title I A – Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged (Basic)
    • Title I A – Schoolwide
    • Title II A – Improving Teacher Quality
    • Title III – English Language Acquisition
    • Title VI B – Rural and Low Income Schools (RLIS)
  • IDEA Consolidated
    • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B (IDEA Part B)
    • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Preschool (IDEA Preschool)
  • Gifted and Talented State Grant
  • Montana Striving Readers Project (MSRP)
  • Regional CSPD
  • Title I Part C Migrant
  • Title I SIG Tier III
  • Title X Part C - McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program

Coming to E-Grants in FY2014…

  • Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) Extension
  • Title ID - Neglected & Delinquent
  • Montana Mathematics Science Partnership
  • ACT+ Writing Supplement

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Competitive Grant Reader Instructions

The following E-Grants User Guides are under construction. Please refer to the individual page instructions for assistance. Due to recent changes in the E-Grants system, previous User Guides should not be used for reference.

  • ESEA-NCLB User Guide
  • 21st Century User Guide

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NEW E-Grants Log-in Instructions

All users must complete the E-Grants Security Formto request an account allowing access to the E-Grants system.

Please note that any users who are not the Authorized Representative and Business Manager must request Data Entry rights to any new applications and/or program reports. To request Data Entry rights, please complete the security form by selecting the appropriate applications/reports.

To request access to multiple district applications, all districts may be listed on a single form and submitted.

Please email all completed forms to E-Grants security staff at

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