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Don't Have a Computer?

If you are a Montana school, you can contact Scott Buswell via e-mail at SBuswell@mt.govHe can help you obtain a modern computer from the State of Montana's Surplus Computer Program.

If you have questions or problems, call our help desk at 406.444.1626.

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Official Email to Montana Schools

Login Information

Since 2000 all correspondence to Montana school districts has been delivered to official school e-mail accounts located on servers within OPI.

To login and access mail in your official account:

  • Go to the METNET web page at: Enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD in the dialog box. Passwords are Case Sensitive. Press OK (Your USER NAME will be LE and then your 4 digit legal entity code i.e., LE1234). If you don't know your PASSWORD call our help desk at: In-State Toll-Free 1.888.231.9393 extension 1626, Local 406.444.1626.
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If you would like to set up your Outlook to retrieve your official email, see:

 Configure Official Email

Other e-mail applications will have similar setup procedures.

Configuring Official Email into Outlook

The 'Pull' Method

The following instructions will allow Outlook to retrieve your official email. These instructions are based on Outlook 2010. Other email applications will have similar setup procedures.

  • Start Outlook
  • Next, select File » Info » + Add Account (Figure 2.1)

Outlook E-Mail Accounts, Figure 2.1 Figure 2.1

  • Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types (Figure 2.2)
  • Click Next

Server Type, Figure 2.2 Figure 2.2

  • Select Internet Email (Figure 2.3)
  • Click Next

Server Type, Figure 2.3 Figure 2.3

  • Enter your User Information (as shown on Figure 2.4)
  • Type in your Name, your METNET email account (which is your - example:
  • Your User Name is also your LE number - example: LE1234 with no spaces, uppercase 'LE'.
  • Your Password is Case Sensitive, and there are no spaces.
    • If you don't know your district's password, contact our help desk at 406.444.1626
  • Both the Incoming mail server (POP3) and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) are
  • Select Remember Password
  • Select Test Account Settings by clicking the Next Button
  • Select Deliver New Messages to New Outlook Data File
* NOTE: If more than one individual will be using this LE number account to pull mail, then click, More Settings before continuing on to the next step. (Figure 2.5)
  • Under the Advanced tab, under Delivery, select Leave a copy of messages on the server and if you want, you may limit the number of days it is left on the server.
  • Click, OK
  • Once you have completed everything, click Next

Mail Account, Figure 2.4 Figure 2.4
Advanced Settings, Figure 2.5 Figure 2.5

  • By clicking Next above, Outlook automatically tests the connection (Figure 2.6)
  • If your connection is complete, click Close
  • If your connection is not complete, review the steps above and make sure your settings are correct

Test Settings, Figure 2.6 Figure 2.6

  • Select Finish and your Outlook account is set up to import your METNET email (Figure 2.7)
  • If you do not receive the Congratulations message, click the back button all the way back to the beginning, and make sure that you have correctly completed all the required information.
  • If you still have problems, please call our Help Desk for assistance: 406.444.1626

Congratulations, Figure 2.7
Figure 2.7