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Montana Office of Public Instruction on iTunes U

iPodTouchThe Office of Public Instruction has launched Montana OPI on iTunes U. Universities, colleges, schools, museums, and many other educational and cultural institutions from around the world have made content available at iTunes U. Montana joins a growing number of states that are taking advantage of iTunes U to allow access to educational content free of charge, 24 hours a day. Through iTunes U, OPI is able to offer professional development content, instructional videos and classroom activities to teachers, students and the public.iTunes U Logo and link for OPI

OPI will continually collect content to post on iTunes U from partners across the state. The content in the collection will include high quality videos, audio recordings, text documents, presentations, and other education-related information in a variety of downloadable formats.

If your local district has concerns about allowing staff and students access to this technology through the school network, OPI has provided information below to help schools manage the use of iTunes in the school setting. OPI on iTunes U may be accessed free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week via desktop, laptop, or smart phone, offering a great deal of flexibility to educators who would like to access it.  Download iTunes!   

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Managing iTunes for Networks

iTunes offers parental, enterprise, and education controls which give system administrators the ability to set content restrictions.


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